About Us

Mission Statement

RDZ Fine Art LLC strives to provide the South Florida Art Collector with a unique cultural and art buying experience. We understand the collector’s goals and in doing so, we educate the Art collector as to trends, the wonderful artists represented by RDZ Fine Art, and the various forms of media and artistry that will help to build valuable collections for generations to come.

In addition, we pride ourselves on being a gathering place for South Florida artists and their unique visions by offering the gallery as a “show place” for their work. As part of our programming, we sign “artists of interest” to long term representational contracts so as to continually be CURRENT in chosen markets.

We also provide superior Consulting Services to our client base, so that their collecting experience will instill brand loyalty, trust, and foster harmonious recommendations and references.

RDZ Fine Art holds its Ribbon Cutting Opening (360p) from EDWARD RODRIGUEZ on Vimeo.