Bettina Schopphoff

Bettina Schopphoff studied art and art history at the Friedrich Wilhelm University in Bonn, Germany and was a student of French artist Virginie Prokopowicz. A highly sought after artist, Bettina has had over a decade of successful one-person shows in Germany, France and the United States. The uniqueness of her canvases is in the juxtaposition of her subjects giving an extraordinary reflection of color and movement from unusual angles and perspectives.
Bettina masterfully uses her brushstrokes to convey a sense of gusto and enthusiasm, with splashes of color making one’s eye dance across her works. A prolific painter, she actually works on multiple concurrent paintings, moving from canvas to canvas like a conductor in a symphony, until she gets the final crescendo from her paintings. Most of all Bettina is a story teller, as each painting reveals themselves in multiple ways to different viewers, as the dialogue changes depending on how you view her perspectives. The artist’s color palate enables one to focus on even the tiniest emotional breaks that convey a sense of change and upheaval, while imparting joy and happiness over and over. Her paintings add excitement to any collection.

2012 New-York (USA) / ArtExpo (Galerie Mecenavie) Toronto (Canada) / ArtExpo (Galerie Mecenavie) Erfurt (Germany) / Fondation Franz Beckenbauer Francfort (Germany) / Art-X-clusivity Paris / Galerie Henon Miami (USA) / Red Dot Art Basel
2011 New-York (USA) / ArtExpo (Galerie Mecenavie) Fontainebleau / Open Atelier Paris / Espace Cardin (Galerie Mecenavie) Toulon / Pôle exposition sud côté d’azur (Médaille d’Honneur)
2010 Paris / Carroussel du Louvre (Galerie Mecenavie) New-York (USA) / Agora Gallery Bolzano (Italy) / Foire d’art contemporain Big Bang exhibition Paris Montréal (Canada) / Gallery Gora
2009 Barcelone (Espagne) / Gaudi Galleria Paris /Carroussel du Louvre (Galerie Mecenavie) La Rochelle / ArtAtlantic (Galerie Mecenavie)
2008 Paris / Carroussel du Louvre (Galerie Mecenavie) Fontainebleau / Salle des élections Paris / Espace Cardin (Galerie Mecenavie) Gent (Belgique) / Lineart
2007 Fontainebleau / Maison des compagnons