Jordan Matter

Jordan Matter comes from a lineage of creative thinkers. His grandfather Herbert Matter, was a highly successful photographer, with projects commissioned by President Kennedy, Vogue, National Geographic and Harper’s Bazaar. His father, Alex Matter, is a gifted film director whose work has been seen at the Venice Film Festival. And lastly, his mother Paula Feiten, was a successful Ford model. Jordan spent his formative year immersed in baseball and after being on the bench having been given the nickname “Blowout” he was not highly regarded by his teammate. Jordan said, “If you dream about something long enough, the universe just might conspire to give it to you. Sometimes story book endings actually happen. After the second baseman broke his wrist and the backup second baseman didn’t show up for practice, Jordan was afforded the opportunity to prove his reputation wrong. He hit the ball right over the left field fence and from then on started on a pathway of success that earned him a scholarship to University of Richmond to major in acting. Here he met his beautiful wife and the two later moved to New York City where Jordan continued to follow his dreams.
After seeing an exhibition by artist Henri Cartier Bresson, Jordan was forever changed. Not moved by the mainstream works of Richard Avedon, Matter was inspired by the photojournalist’s ability to capture the reality of humanity. Matter has since pursued a successful career in Manhattan as a studio photographer and published author. His new book, Dancers After Dark, will be published in 2016.
He has been featured on The Today Show, Tyra Banks, MSNBC, CBS, NBC and profiled by the BBC network. Jordan Matter’s ability to capture the creativity of the human body’s movement and shape through his rendering of dancers around the world is truly powerful.